Preference #5: He hears you singing one of 1D's songs in the shower.

  • Loius: You always hummed around Louis, because he was in a boyband for god's sake. He was one of the most talented vocalists in your opinion, and you didn't want him to hear you sing. You knew you weren't that great, or at least you though so. So you stuck to singing in the shower, where he couldn't hear you. He also didn't think you were as huge as a fan of his band as the other fans. You sort of kept it hushed, because you didn't want to seem weird. But you still loved their music. So one morning, you took a shower when you thought he had left to record. You sang in the shower, not paying attention to how loud you were being. Right as you were singing They Don't Know About Us, you heard Louis' voice in the bathroom with you. "They don't know how special you are. They don't know what you've done to my heart. They can say anything they want, 'cause they don't know us." His angelic voice sang from outside the shower curtain. You were instantly silenced and heard him laugh and leave.
  • Niall: Niall was out late again, with the boys. Usually he came home half drunk, but some nights he was perfectly fine. So, you no longer waited up for him. By this point, you just took your shower and went to bed. Of course you'd wake up again when he stumbled up the stairs, but at least you weren't worrying about him. Tonight, he came home early. You went to take your shower, in which you usually sang under your breath. You'd sing whatever came to mind, usually Ed Sheeran, or anything Niall played around the house. However, tonight you had Nobody Compares stuck in your head, so you belted it. You didn't hear Niall come in, but as soon as he drunkely sang with you, you laughed. You grabbed your towel and wrapped it around yourself, then threw back the shower curtain. "You shoud sing my songs more" He slurred. "They sound better when you do it."
  • Liam: It had been a rough couple of days for you, because Liam and you were currently on the rocks. It was constant bickering, and late nights. He'd usually tell you it wasn't worth it to fight, but you assumed he just didn't care. Eventually, the fights kept building and neither of you could take it. So Liam left. He barely packed and headed over to Zayn's, leaving you in his dust. He intended to come over to talk to you, but you didn't want to talk, or at least that's what you told Zayn. Because you didn't. You wanted to kiss Liam, cuddle with him and just be what you were before. But you tried to keep your mind off of it, so you kept yourself busy. After a day of occupying yourself, you headed to the home you two shared and took a shower before bed. You thought of all the memories you two had in the bathroom. The soap fights, the fear you felt when you found out you were pregnant, then the tears you shed when you lost the baby. Not to mention the shower sex. You automatically thought of Over Again and sang it under your breath. As you continued, you got more emotional and put it all into the song. You didn't hear Liam until you finished singing, and sat at the bottom of the bathtub. You heard the water stop before you saw him, standing over you with tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry." He choked, reaching for your face.
  • Harry: You refused to sing in front of Harry. His voice made you melt, and nothing compared to his. You always loved singing, but because he was so good, you were terrified of letting him hear you. You always waited until he wasn't home to sing, and this morning was no different. You woke up in his arms, as always, and waited until he left to shower. He was only going shopping, so you should have expected him to be home soon, but you took the time to take your shower. You turned the water on and started to hum to yourself. Waking up with Harry always put you in a good mood, so you were natrually happy. As you took your shower, you began to wake up a bit, becoming more energetic. As you did so, you started to sing more enthusiastically. You even danced around a little, narrowly avoiding slipping. You had Still The One stuck in your head since Harry made you come to rehearsals, and no matter what else you listened to , it stuck. So that's what you ended up singing, but of course, Harry came home in the midst of your shower. You opened the shower curtain and nearly fell over because he startled you. He was leaning against the door frame and smiling at you. "Liam may have to step up his game." You gave him a quizzical look. "Cause you might replace him."
  • Zayn: Last night was the first night you spent with Zayn, and it was everything you could have dreamed of. It was so amazingly perfect in every way, and you couldn't be happier. You woke up in his bed, with him lying next to you. His arm was draped over your stomach, and his even breathing told you he was still asleep. You knew he hated being woken up, so you slowly moved out from underneath his arm. You looked through his closet, trying to find something that would fit you. You settled for a plain shirt and nabbed a pair of his boxers to use as shorts. You made your way to the bathroom, looking back to make sure he was still asleep. You smiled at how angelic he looked, with his hair messy and mouth open slightly, stubble growing to frame his jaw perfectly. He was perfect, and you hoped with everything that he would stay with you. You made your way into the shower, hoping it wouldn't wake him. You hummed a few bars of a song, but then changed what you sang, finding something more appropriate. You took your shower and sang Last First Kiss quietly, thinking of Zayn the entire time. You really did want to be his last first kiss. You wanted to be the only person he'd love, because he was the only one you'd love. You realized he was within your reach, and quickened your shower, eager to get back to him. As soon as you were dressed and towel dried your hair, you crept back into the room. He was awake now, but still groggy. You crawled into his open arms and rested your hand on his neck, kissing his beautiful face. He sort of hummed a sound of happiness, and looked up at you. "I want to be your last first kiss too. " he whispered, pressing his lips to yours.

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